Welcome to our sheep page…

Our children all started their showing careers with lambs, at the age of five. This sparked their interest at a very young age, and encouraged us to build our own flock in 1998.

This initial flock began with a set of crossbred ewes with a broad genetic makeup. Such genetics included Hillview Farms of Paragould, Arkansas, Brister Club Lambs of Anson, Texas, Schrank Club Lambs of Texas, Nathan/Langemeier, Nebraska, and Powercat Club Lambs of Manhattan, Kansas.

In the past few years we have extensively added to our club lamb flock’s genetics, with the incorporation of ewes and rams from Nathan Club Lambs, Brister Club Lambs, and Hobbs Club Lambs.

Today, our flock consists of approximately 100 wether dams. Each year the flock produces spring-born lambs.

The mission of Bacon Club Lambs is to provide our customers with sheep that best fit their program’s needs. Our family is not only interested in producing high quality sheep, but we strongly focus on the youth, as they are tomorrow’s agriculture. When purchasing lambs and cattle from Bacon Cattle and Sheep, we will do everything we can to assist you in being successful, because your success is our success!